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This is a beautiful piece of hand made, hand stitched leatherwork using the best quality leather, padded with calf skin and latex and offering plenty of adjustment to ensure maximum comfort for the horse during lungeing. This style of cavesson is the preferred choice of Dr Wilfried Bechtolsheimer and used by Laura in the Horse Hero lungeing video, Laura has made some refinements to the Horse Hero version (only available on this site), so that it is ultra light and easy to use. It is especially suited for use in conjunction with the Horse Hero Lungeing Rope shown in the same video. 
Laura Bechtolsheimer says, “I wanted to ensure the cavesson was well padded so it can be made tight enough to prevent any pulling and shearing forces to the horse’s nose when using the rings on either side.”
Dr Bechtolsheimer says, “Care should be taken when introducing the young horse to the first steps of his education to avoid unnecessary stress. By not having to put something strange into his mouth and pulling on it when teaching him to move on a circle, he will be more co-operative and less resistant.. Combining a well fitting cavesson and a patient approach, he will learn the lungeing lesson quickly. The cavesson is also useful for work in hand and long reining later in the horse’s education.”

Horse Hero Founder, Fiona Price says, "I tried the cavesson and just love it. It feels nice and is beatifully crafted. It's feather weight, softly padded and fits very snuggly. It doesn't move at all when lungeing and as there is no central ring which can often cause unecessary movement on the horse's nose, my horse had a smile on his face too!"
The Horse Hero Cavesson is available in Full Size and Extra Full in Black. It is made especially for Horse Hero by Albion. All rings and buckles are brass coloured rather than the silver colour shown in the photos and video.

"I used my cavesson for the first time today (I also have the bit strap). My horse was so comfortable in it; it didn't move at all. It's light and beautifully padded. There's nothing like it on the market. Thanks so much!"

To find out more about this product click the icons below the image. Use the magnifying glass to zoom in, and the left and right arrows to see different views of the cavesson. Also click the filmstrip to watch a video trailer made with Olympic dressage rider Jane Gregory.

Please note: If you are unsure as to which size to order, measurements are as follows:

Full Size: Headstrap 37" - 44.5"; Throat strap 11.5" - 17.5"; Noseband 23" - 28"; Browband 16"
Extra Full: Headstrap 40" - 48"; Throat strap 14.5" - 21"; Noseband 25" - 30"; Browband 16.5"
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