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Klaus Balkenhol - from foal to Grand Prix horse. Part 2: From novice horse to the schooled horse

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After two years of basic training, Dablino (age 5) is a dressage horse is in the making. Systematic schooling, step by step, now focuses on the improvement of the half halt, distinct transition within the paces, lateral movements and flying changes preparing for Prix St. George. Klaus Balkenhol says: “The art of riding lies in achieving a great effect with very sensitive signals. This is known as sensitizing a horse. That means the horse concentrates on the rider, on the rider’s aids.”  The video provides a masterful insight into dealing with a super talented horse who is also hyper sensitive to the competition environment. Klaus's daughter Annabel (Beli) takes on the ride of this special horse that Klaus fell in love with, The video  tracks their progress and their challenges through to Prix St Georges success, where they are now poised to make the move up to Grand Prix. Klaus is open minded about his own continual learning and uses the help of world renowned behavioural expert, Linda Tellington-Jones.

“If I’m active on the horse, the horse must react.” Klaus Balkenhol

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This DVD has both English and German language options for you to choose from when you view and is in PAL format.

Running time: 1hour 29 minutes

"I bought Klaus Balkenhol's 'Foal to Grand Prix' Parts 1 and 2, plus his life story DVDs and enjoyed them so much I thought I would complete the set with the rest of the Klaus videos available on Horse Hero. I also have the book (Riding with Sympathetic Hands) which accompanies the DVDs. Klaus is such an understanding man. Although there are not  "how to do it" style DVDs, his knowledge and understanding of the horses shine through and you gain valuable insight to his training methods. Even horses with problems are included, so its not just the finished horse or the non-problematic horse that is discussed. Long may Klaus live to give others the chance to experience his outstanding way of training horses. I would recommend these DVDs to anyone!" Jeanette Beevor-Reid
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